What's Changed?

As explained in our previous blog post announcing the latest testnet, Alexandria is a release which has focused on mainly technical improvements, some of which may not be obvious to a typical testnet participant.

Some behind-the-scenes improvements we have worked on for Alexandria include upgrading the version of Substrate we are using to v2.0.0 RC4, cleaning up the membership module and enhancing network testing.

New Chain

Since Alexandria is a new chain, all actors participating in roles on the previous testnet (Constantinople) have been kicked.

This means that all roles (and Lead roles where applicable) are up for grabs starting from today. Anyone with a testnet membership has the opportunity to become a Validator, Content Curator, Storage Provider or Council Member.

We have transferred most of the network state from Constantinople across to Alexandria (a snapshot was taken at block #2,669,870). This means that video content, forum posts, proposal history, channels and memberships have been preserved.

tJOY balances have also mostly been migrated. However, in cases where balances were not linked to a membership or actively staked in a role or proposal, it is unlikely that the balance was transferred.

If you would like us to transfer "lost" tokens across to the next testnet, you have until midnight on 1st October to let us know. After this, recovery will not be possible.

New KPIs

As discussed here (among other places), an updated KPI Scheme is also being rolled out alongside the new testnet.  

This will divide important testnet goals into Council KPIs and Community Bounties. More information on how to participate in the new bounty scheme and become a member of the Council is available on our helpdesk.

Get Started

If you just want to have a look at the new testnet, go here. If you need any help getting started, we ask you to consult our helpdesk repo first. If you have further questions, post them as Issues there, or ask in our Telegram!

Tokens can be requested through our Telegram group for those who are new to the project and also for anyone interested in participating in one of our platform roles.


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