We hired a new Chief Marketing Officer

  • Up until this point Joystream has almost exclusively focused on product
  • Joystream will focus a lot more on marketing going forward

Joystream releases update

  • The Giza release is estimated December 10th, but this may change. Testing is being done.
  • Olympia release will likely be in January

What makes good Founding Member contributions?

  • Excellent Founding Members program contributions usually include effort, creativity and uniqueness, detailed evidence in your report, sometimes technical complexity, and is ultimately a useful contribution
  • The report itself is important, Ben can't know if the work is great but the report doesn't clearly show it

Will there be a lock, vesting of tokens that FM will receive? Isn't genesis afraid of giving away such a large amount of tokens (15%) to 200 people? This is a huge amount of tokens. Is genesis planning to make more FM than 200 people?

  • Yes, there will be an unlocking period for founding member's tokens
  • 8% of tokens will be released at mainnet launch, and the remaining 92% over 2 years (these are the same terms as the JSGenesis team--no special treatment)
  • JSGenesis is not afraid of giving away 15% of tokens, in fact even more tokens will be given away to the community

During the time tokens are locked, can they still be used on the platform?

  • Yes, locked tokens can be used on the platform

Details of the latest funding round: who is the VC? How much funds have been raised?

  • JSGenesis, and Joystream is one of the most well funded Polkadot projects, with a total of around $12,000,000 - $13,000,000
  • There are 30+ investors

Are you planning collaborate with MoonRiver (MoonBeam Network)? (or other collaborations)

  • No collaboration is planned, but we are open to collaborating with anyone that makes sense

Activity prioritizing - in current periods what kind of activities are the most valuable for the project. And then predictions for future periods.

  • Just high-quality contributions to the project
  • Engagement / activity in the Discord - say good morning, ask questions, help each other

Why is the project not being promoted by JSGenesis? How will JSGenesis react if the community starts promoting the project on its own? Will such activities be encouraged?

  • Anyone is free to promote the project, just be mindful of how you approach it
  • The best way to promote the project is to honestly and authentically talk about the potential that you see for the project, not in a "token 100x" way, but about the usefulness of the technology, and how it can be used in the future

Bedeho mentioned that without gateway providers, DAO will not be able to make money on the main network. Why did you decide to give up this role?

  • Other infrastructure was more essential

Why not build an on-chain ad network along with Atlas?

  • Joystream is taking a bet on the idea that others will build applications, or "Gateways" on top of it, the same that Ethereum bet on people building on top of it
  • Joystream will get paid by gateways

When developing the Atlas roadmap, is any of the existing video platforms taken into account? Kate has done some good research recently on the topic of decentralized video platforms. (@kate_fm)

  • All the other projects are different in some way
  • None of them are truly decentralized the way that Joystream will be

Who is Joystream targeting on the creator side?

  • Ideas here are welcome from the community
  • Crypto YouTubers is an obvious starting place
  • Smaller influencers that aren't served well by advertisers, NFT's and social tokens can help them a lot

I want to invest fiat money in the project. Is it possible?

  • It is not possible
  • The Founding Members program is a great way to earn mainnet tokens through high-value contributions to the project

Is the migration of data from the Sumer network planned to the following networks: Giza and Olympia?

  • Yes, but not all of it
  • If you want to ensure your content will be migrated, message Ben

What’s the plan on fixing the Founding Member’s program

  • A great onboarding experience which can take newcomers from knowing nothing to understanding where they fit into the project, and making their first contribution

Is it a problem that it’s primarily a Russian speaking audience at the moment?

  • No, the Russian community naturally found out about Joystream
  • We will start to see more diversity as we now focus more on marketing


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