With the introduction of our new proposal system come KPIs - metrics we are using to evaluate the success of the testnet and its participants (particularly council members).

At any given time, there is a set of key performance indicators (KPI) which define success metrics for the overall system, and how much value should be added to the reward pool if these are achieved. The "achievement" of these objectives is evaulated by Jsgenesis.

The set of KPIs, and the terms associated with them, will change over time. At the launch of Constantinople there will be two active KPIs, the first offering $100 to the pool and the second offering $120:

1) Average block time < 6.025s & maintain 10 validators

In order to have a reliable network, a KPI focusing on block production and validator stability is required. Timestamp of each block can be found using the block explorer (divided by 1000).

Starts at: 20:05:2020 - 16:00 GMT

Measurement Period: 7 days

Successful if:

  • The difference between timestamps of block 910367 and block 1010749 must be less than 604,710,000 milliseconds
  • Maintain a total of least 10 validators throughout the Measurement period

2) All proposals are cleared before they expire AND at no continuous 24h period are there 5 proposal in the active stage

For the governance process to work, all proposals must be dealt with professionally, and in reasonable time frame to avoiding blocking new proposals coming in.

Starts at: 20/05/2020 - 16:00 GMT

Measurement Period: 7 days

Successful if:

  • No proposals expire due to missing votes
  • At no point will the number of active proposal stay at 5 for longer than 14,400 blocks (~24h)
  • For each new proposal, a forum post is opened for discussion between the council and other interested parties


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