Governance Features

In a previous blog post, we highlighted some of the changes that you can expect from Constantinople. Arguably the most important change to be aware of is the introduction of an enhanced proposals system which hands control of the testnet over to participants (i.e. community members). As a result of this, Constantinople can be considered a more governance-oriented release compared to Rome.

You can read more about the proposals system and the role of the council in our helpdesk repo on GitHub.

Earn Tokens By Participating

Another key development for Constantinople is the introduction of a fiat-backed token model to compensate users for participating on our testnet. Joystream Testnet Tokens (tJOY) are now backed by a USD pool and can be redeemed for Monero at any time.

You can read more about this in our blog post on participant incentives for Constantinople.

Get Started

All Storage Providers, Council Members and Content Curators operating on Rome have been kicked.

If you just want to have a look at the new testnet, go here. If you need any help getting started, we ask you to consult our helpdesk repo first. If you have further questions, post them as Issues there, or ask in our Telegram!

Tokens can be requested through our Telegram group for those who have not yet received these through our mailing list.

With a lot of changes since our last testnet, this applies just as much to old and new participants.


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