This is the "quick start guide" for participating and earning money on our testnets!

Get A Key

You can interact with the testnet blockchain using our web client, Pioneer.

In order to do anything useful, you will need to generate a key. You can do that by visiting this page.

Click Add Account and give your key a name and password. Make sure to download the JSON file to your computer so you have a backup of your account!

Get Tokens

Now that you have an account to store your tokens on, you can use this address to request tokens. Your address should look something like this:


The easiest and quickest way to get tokens is through our Telegram group. Simply leave a message requesting tokens and one of our helpful community members will send them to you!

Get A Membership

Once you have been sent some tokens, you can purchase a membership.

Visit this page, entering your preferred username and (optionally) a profile photo URL and the "about" section.

Click Register and follow the instructions to sign the transaction.

Choosing A Role

Registered members are able to participate in roles on our testnet, and they can earn real money for doing so! They can also upload videos.

Explaining how to get set up in individual roles is not in the scope of this quick start guide, though we have written extensive guides about how to participate in each role and earn real money:

One role we are focusing on in particular for this testnet is the Council Member. You can ask to participate in this role here.

Redeem Tokens For Cash

After earning tokens on our testnet through one of the roles, these can be exchanged for real money!

All tokens (tJOYs) issued on the Constantinople network are backed by USD, held in trust by Jsgenesis, the team developing Joystream.

To redeem tokens, simply set the memo of your account to your Monero address. You can then visit this page which explains how to burn tokens to redeem them for XMR.

Need Help?

Our Telegram group is the best place to go if you have any questions or if anything is not clear.


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