The Ambassador Program is envisioned as a forthcoming DAO initiative, carrying forward the essence of community-driven engagement and a sense of belonging. It aims to establish a seamless continuation and enhancement of the initiatives instigated by JSGenesis in the Founding Member Program, while also amplifying awareness about Joystream.

Key Qualities We Seek

  • Strong online presence
  • Content creation skills
  • In-depth understanding of Joystream and Web3
  • A passion to share their knowledge
  • Creativity and originality

Key Roles We Seek

  • Content Creators: Ambassadors in this category include YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, other content creators and artists in various forms. Their role is to generate engaging content about Joystream, showcasing its features and potential.
  • Influencers: Individuals with a significant following on social media platforms. They have the power to influence and shape opinions within their communities.

The Marketing Working Group will create tasks for content creation, social media engagement, educational initiatives, and more. Ambassadors can earn XP or JOY rewards based on task completion. Examples include featuring Joystream in YouTube videos, hosting webinars, and securing partnerships. Evaluation criteria include reach, creativity, brand alignment, and consistency. Rewards will be determined holistically across various task categories.

Ambassador Incentives

Joystream offers a comprehensive set of incentives that go beyond just monetary rewards.

  • Monetary
    Tier 1: 4,000 JOY per month
    Tier 2: 6,000 JOY per month
    Tier 3: 8,000 JOY per month
    Tier 4: 10,000 JOY per month
    *Ambassadors can earn extra JOY through high-value tasks, enhancing their fixed monthly payments. Tasks vary in value, with those benefiting Joystream the most being rewarded the most.
    **Rewards in JOY are fixed for Q1, 2024, and will be reassessed at the beginning of Q2.
    ***Contributions determine your tier, and ambassadors can climb up tiers over time by completing tasks.
  • Early access to new developments
  • Direct contact with founders and/or core DAO team through monthly meet-ups
  • Exclusive Space on (project dashboard)
  • Joystream Apparel and Joystream branded hardware wallets
  • Promotion of channel through Joystream marketing activities
  • Unique Discord and on-chain roles
    Grant the Joystream Ambassador Discord role and verified on-chain status through registration with the backend for ambassadors who reach Tier 4.
  • Raffles/Bounties
  • Avatar

Ambassadors reaching the Tier 4 status will receive a custom handmade avatar in the Founding Program style. They can then choose a unique avatar from a specially designed pack (30+ avatars) created exclusively for this program.

  • Recognition within the DAO
    In the future, the council will likely reward early contributors (Ambassadors) when Joystream succeeds, acknowledging their significant  contributions to the project's success. This recognition may come in various forms, such as special mentions, exclusive privileges, or additional benefits within the Joystream DAO.


To ensure Joystream selects the most suitable candidates while providing opportunities for channels with fewer subscribers or followers to demonstrate their potential, the following criteria have been established for selection into the ambassador program:

Twitter / X.COM

• Account must be verified with a blue tick on the users profile
• Account must be at least 3 months old  
• Must have a profile picture  
• Have at least 3,000 followers  
• Consistent posting schedule with at least 10 tweets per month


• Channel should be at least 3 months old  
• Have at least 500 subscribers  
• Consistent posting schedule with at least two videos per month

Other Platforms (e.g. TikTok, personal blog, podcast)

• Channel should be at least 3 months old
• Consistent posting schedule with at least two content per month

Candidates must satisfy the requirements for at least one of the two platforms – YouTube or Twitter – if they are active on both.

Apply Now

Candidates can apply through the link and will be evaluated based on their experience, enthusiasm, and alignment with the program's goals.

  • Application deadline: March 31, 2024
  • How many ambassadors are being accepted? 10 ambassadors will be accepted in Q1, 2024.
  • How long does it take to get an answer? It takes 2 to 14 days.

All applications will be reviewed by the Marketing Working Group. Rejected applicants will be notified via email, and accepted applicants will be presented to the active council members. The final selection of Joystream ambassadors will be community-driven, with approval by at least two out of three council members, leading to the onboarding phase.


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