Joystream is a large and dynamic platform, making it hard to obtain an integrated view of what is going on and how it is evolving. Whether you're a worker, creator, ambassador, validator, third-party service  provider, or partner, quickly determining how well the project is doing and where it is going is crucial.

We are thrilled to unveil our dynamic and comprehensive dashboard, recently released and added to the main page of, designed to provide you with an up-to-date view of Joystream's progress and key metrics.

Token Information

Discover all token metrics in one dynamic place: Price, Volume, Marketcap, FDV, Circulating Supply, and Total Supply.

Where to Buy and Sell JOY?

Our dashboard provides insights into various exchanges where you can trade JOY tokens, along with real-time data on past 24 hours volume and available liquidity within a 2% price range.

Release Schedule

Stay informed with our Release Schedule diagram, detailing current and future token unlocks and allocations for various purposes.

Token Allocation

Explore the allocation of JOY tokens across different purposes.


Visualize the annual inflation rate distribution across creator payouts, validator rewards, worker rewards, and spending proposals on a pie chart.

Supply Staked for Validation

Discover the percentage of supply staked for validation, along with the annual percentage rate (APR) on staking and average return on investment (ROI).

Supply Distribution

Gain insights into the distribution of JOY tokens across different addresses based on supply levels.


Learn about the backers supporting Joystream.


Track the growth of content creators, videos uploaded, comments, reactions, average block time, transactions, holders, and daily active accounts.


Stay informed about our GitHub stats, including stars, commits, open PRs, open issues, repositories, followers, contribution chart, and meet our top contributors ūüí™.


Oversee the size of our vibrant community across Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, and explore featured followers and Tweetscout score.

Open Events

Mark your calendars for upcoming DAO events and meetings, including DAO Daily Standups, Network Release Calls, Weekly Gleev Calls, Council Meetings, Fireside Chats with Creators, and more.


Meet our Council Members, who are responsible for overseeing and managing the platform's operations.

Working groups

Meet our Working Groups, tasked with overseeing and managing specific subsystems of the Joystream platform under the council's oversight.


Learn about Jsgenesis, the entity that built and supports Joystream.


Compare Joystream with other platforms based on factors like FDV and features.


Explore our roadmap for 2024, including upcoming milestones and delivery timeline.

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