At Joystream, we've always been committed to enhancing the user experience and security for our community. Over time, a growing number of users have expressed the need for hardware wallet support, and we're excited to announce that the day has finally arrived. In collaboration with OneKey, we are thrilled to introduce the first hardware wallet integration for JOY, taking user security to the next level.

Unlocking the Power of OneKey Integration:

OneKey, a trusted name in the hardware wallet space, is renowned for its reliability and advanced security features. The integration of JOY on OneKey empowers users to store their tokens offline, shielding them from potential online threats like phishing attacks and malware. This partnership represents a significant leap forward, providing our community with diverse and secure storage options.

Enhanced User Experience:

Initially, the OneKey app can be used for sending and receiving funds, but the integration also extends to our Atlas and Pioneer products once we complete WalletConnect integration. This means users can vote, stake, purchase NFTs, and more with enhanced security. Future plans include integrating OneKey into the CLI and other infrastructure tools, elevating the security of all workers and leads.

A Glimpse into OneKey:

OneKey is an open source wallet, their devices operate by generating and storing private keys in a secure, offline environment. This means that sensitive information is never exposed to potential online threats. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces, OneKey facilitates seamless transactions, providing users with a secure and convenient way to manage their digital assets.

OneKey boasts a range of devices, with the Joystream branded version called OneKey Classic. Following this integration, all current and future OneKey device holders, across all device types, can custody JOY, not limited to the classic or branded versions. OneKey offers five different devices: OneKey Classic, OneKey Touch, OneKey Mini, OneKey KeyTag, and OneKey Lite.

OneKey is an established and trusted brand in the hardware wallet space with nearly a million users from 166 countries on five continents. Furthermore, OneKey is backed by Coinbase and other top venture capitalists.

Joystream branded OneKey Classic

Community Sale and Timeline:

Anticipating the community's excitement, we plan to initiate a community sale in early Q1 of 2024, once production is complete. The OneKey device can be ordered and shipped for a total price of $89.

In conclusion, this integration with OneKey is just the beginning of Joystream's commitment to technological advancements and user needs. As we continue to explore ways to enhance security, accessibility, and overall user satisfaction, our partnership with OneKey solidifies our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for our community.