Our first post at our new blog, will be dedicated to the creation of Jsgenesis.

Jsgenesis is the company and legal entity initially responsible for building and developing the Joystream platform. In order to explain why we have chosen to separate the two, we first have to tell you a little about our vision for Joystream. As was laid out in our manifesto, modern media platforms have developed into behemoths, unaccountable both to its users, and the regular market and political constraints. We understand there to be two fundamental ways that participants can hold institutions of any kind accountable: Voice and exit.

This is why we want to launch an alternative, that is entirely developed, governed and operated by its users.

Why Jsgenesis?

We want to separate the team that is launching the platform from the platform itself. Our role is to build the infrastructure, network and tools so that the users have a reliable foundation to keep the project running. We believe the key to this is on-chain governance, where each and every role and decision requires staking. By separating the two, we hope to avoid confusion in the future when Joystream will be a user governed platform, completely independently of us.

Who is Jsgenesis?

Jsgenesis is a limited company, registered in Norway. We currently consist of four full time members based in three different continents. Our two main points of focus currently is developing the protocol, and assembling the team to do it.

Join us!

If you have an interest in governance, crypto and p2p-networks, we would love for you to join or team. To apply, or if you just want to read more about us, vist our website.

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