24 December 2023 - 31 December 2023

  • Start Block: 5,446,820
  • End Block: 5,547,620


  • Total supply: 1,042,842,232 JOY
  • JOY inflation (past 12 months): 4.29%
  • Circulating supply: 800,585,869 JOY
  • Weekly Tokens Minted: 979,885 JOY
  • Weekly Tokens Burned: (18,209) JOY

DAO Spending:

  • Start Issuance: 1,041,862,347 JOY
  • End Issuance: 1,042,842,232 JOY
  • Total minted (net): 979,885 JOY


  • Council rewards: 116,655 JOY
  • WG spent: 598,684 JOY
  • Funding proposals: 30,436 JOY
  • Creator payout: 0 JOY
  • Validator rewards: 252,319 JOY
  • Fees and token burn: (18,209) JOY



  • Total Videos, qty: 759,556
  • Weekly Videos Growth, qty: 29,581
  • Weekly Videos Growth, %: 4.06%


Provided stats below are for non-empty channels only:

  • Total Channels, qty: 17,669
  • Weekly Channels Growth, qty: 357
  • Weekly Channels Growth, 2.07%

Media Storage

  • Total Storage Used: 53,366.04 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth: 1,813.69 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth, %: 4%

Video NFTs

  • Total NFT: 4,299
  • Weekly NFT Growth: 71
  • Weekly NFT Growth, %: 1.68 %
  • Weekly NFT sold: 0


  • Total Membership Accounts: 40,598
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth: 561
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth, %: 1.41 %

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Product Releases

  • Pioneer 2.3.0 was just released.
  • Added
    Support for forum action and email registration on mobile
  • Colossus Storage Node v3.10.0 released. (Changelog)
  • Many bug fixes - recommended upgrade for all operators

Short-Term Roadmap

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Open Positions

Council Election

Election round 27

  • Election stage: Announcing Period
  • Candidates number: 0



Not Passed


Rockstars of The Week

We aim to honor the invaluable contributions of JSgenesis members—past and present—since the mainnet inception, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to the development of Joystream. This comprehensive list encompasses both current and former members, along with the respective positions they have held.

  • Bedeho - CEO and Founder
  • Mokhtar - Chief Technical Officer
  • Bwhm - Chief of Operations
  • Dmtrmltsv - Product Manager
  • Kuba from Netguru - Product Designer
  • WRadoslaw - Front-end Engineer
  • Thesan5119 - Front-end Engineer
  • Attemka - Front-end Engineer
  • Zeeshanakram - Backend Engineer
  • Mr_Bovo - Core Engineer, Runtime and Orion Develope

Notable Content Creators

Zoomalex716 (Twitter)

  • Boasting approximately 256k subscribers and a library of around 286 videos
  • Zoomalex has garnered 31,401,070 plays, captivating the audience with engaging anime content
  • The channel is dedicated to exploring a diverse range of Anipoke material, spanning from the latest releases to timeless classics.


  • Channel Focuses on reviews of intriguing cryptocurrency projects
  • Reviews are purely informative, and does not constitute as investment recommendation
  • Information about new technologies are constantly updated and shared with audience

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