21 April 2024 - 28 April 2024

  • Start Block: 7,160,437
  • End Block: 7,261,237


  • Total supply: 1,058,091,686.269 JOY
  • JOY inflation (past 12 months): 4.6%
  • Circulating supply: 888,898,752 JOY
  • Weekly Tokens Minted: 2,112,835.688 JOY
  • Weekly Tokens Burned: (107,084.735) JOY

DAO Spending:

  • Start Issuance: 1,055,978,850.581 JOY
  • End Issuance: 1,058,091,686.269 JOY
  • Total minted (net): 2,112,835.688 JOY


  • Council rewards: 116,666.667 JOY
  • WG spent: 975,234.756 JOY
  • Funding proposals: 830,000 JOY
  • Creator payout: 71,428 JOY (details)
  • Validator rewards: 298,019 JOY
  • Fees and token burn: (107,084.735) JOY



  • Total Videos, qty: 1,302,772
  • Weekly Videos Growth, qty: 9,458
  • Weekly Videos Growth, %: 0.74%
28 video


Provided stats below are for non-empty channels only:

  • Total Channels, qty: 27,183
  • Weekly Channels Growth, qty: 267
  • Weekly Channels Growth, 1%
28 channel

Video NFTs

  • Total NFT: 5,735
  • Weekly NFT Growth: 96
  • Weekly NFT Growth, %: 1.71 %
  • Weekly NFT sold: 4
28 nftxx


  • Total Membership Accounts: 58,708
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth: 538
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth, %: 0.93 %
28 memb

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Products Releases

A patch for Pioneer 3.5.1 was just released:


  • Proxy API becoming unresponsive.

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Council Election

Election Round 33

  • Stage: Announcing period (2 days remaining)
  • Candidates number: 0



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Rockstars of The Week

Nuel Trap

  • Nuel, a new Josytream community member, displays keen enthusiasm for the project's growth.
  • He is a tech enthusiast, web developer, content creator, and writer, who has recently written posts about the Joystream token, notably focusing on the creator token launch.
  • Nuel demonstrates a passionate spirit through selfless efforts to raise awareness about the Joystream project.

Notable Content Creators

Into the Universe with Pankk

  • Astronomy and space exploration focused channel in Hindi.
  • Covers a wide range of topics including black holes, galaxies, exoplanets, and celestial phenomena.
  • Provides updates on recent discoveries, space missions, and astronomical events.


  • The channel focused on Minecraft gameplay and challenges.
  • Features a variety of content including trolling friends, trying out different texture packs, and experimenting with unique in-game scenarios.
  • Engages with subscribers through real-life challenges, collaborations, and interactive videos.

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