Reporting Period

30 June 2024 - 07 July 2024

  • Start Block: 8,168,447
  • End Block: 8,269,247


  • Total supply: 1,072,843,991.947 JOY
  • JOY inflation (past 12 months): 4.751%
  • Circulating supply: 933,508,066 JOY

DAO Spending:

  • Start Issuance: 1,070,381,540.843 JOY
  • End Issuance: 1,072,843,991.947 JOY
  • Total minted (net): 2,462,451.103 JOY


  • Council rewards: 233,333.333 JOY
  • WG spent: 1,952,650.597 JOY
  • Funding proposals: 0 JOY
  • Creator payout: 0 JOY
  • Validator rewards: 301,290 JOY
  • Fees and token burn: (24,822.827) JOY

Content Overview


  • Total Videos, qty: 1,382,314
  • Weekly Videos Growth, qty: 7,239
  • Weekly Videos Growth, %: 0.53%
video 7th july


Provided stats below are for non-empty channels only:

  • Total Channels, qty: 29,095
  • Weekly Channels Growth, qty: 124
  • Weekly Channels Growth, 0.43%
channels 7th july

Media Storage

  • Total Storage Used: 102,889.481 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth: 809.81 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth, %: 0.79%
media 7th july

Video NFTs

  • Total NFT: 6,137
  • Weekly NFT Growth: 41
  • Weekly NFT Growth, %: 0.68%
  • Weekly NFT sold: 1
nft 7 july

Creator tokens

  • Total market cap: 1,007,476 JOY
  • Weekly cumulative trading volume: 4.081 JOY
  • Newly issued: 11
  • Total revenue shares amount: 265,439.642 JOY


  • Total Membership Accounts: 63,069
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth: 284
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth, %: 0.46%
member 7 july

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Council Election

Election Round 36

  • Stage: Idle period (Announcing period begins in 9days)



YouTube Partner Program

Build a foundation for your Gleev channel with syncing YouTube content and tap into the future of content monetization.

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Short-Term Roadmap

Notable Content Creators

Kripto Mania

  • The channel features various online earning systems and methods, with daily earnings.
  • Content includes step-by-step guides on cloud mining, bots, task completion, and investment schemes, with proof of payments shown.
  • Regular updates introduce new platforms and strategies to help viewers find diverse ways to earn money online.


  • The YouTube channel aims to provide a platform for freely expressing thoughts and sharing the truth without restrictions.
  • It focuses heavily on children's education, promoting their mental and physical development to prevent issues like mental imbalance or depression.
  • Most videos are in the Bundelkhand regional language, ensuring accessibility and relevance to the local audience.

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