Carthage is a new chain, the last testnet preparing us for mainnet launch. As the last testnet it means we'll get as close to mainnet as we can, in order to test that things run smoothly. The exact launch date is TBD, but likely end of July, 2022.


The runtime will be upgraded to Substrate v3. We're also adding features to the runtime that will come to life post mainnet, such as the creator token pallet, creator payouts feature, and bounties V2.

Real parameter values

As  preparation for mainnet we're introducing non-zero transaction fees, deciding on $JOY supply, and denomination, as well as setting proposal limits.

Final launch process

Initially there will be just a handful of validators. We'll sudo import all the Rhodes network memberships and dedicate Founding Member decorations. Then there will be a sudo runtime upgrade, and the sudo will be converted to a multisig after the upgrade, with a grace period (TBD). After the grace period, the sudo will be removed.

What will be wiped?

Unfortunately we won't be importing the contents of the following:

  • Channels
  • Video uploads
  • Comments & reactions
  • NFTs
  • Proposals
  • Bounties
  • Forum posts & threads

This will also be reset again, upon the mainnet launch.

We'll be incentivising a few creators to reupload their content again.

Audit improvements

We recently finished an audit with Quarkslab, and will be making various bug fixes and improvements based on their findings.

Genesis block

The genesis block in Carthage will include mainnet accounts (membership accounts) with vesting parameters.

tJOY Cashout Deadline Notice!

Cash out your tJOY before July 24th, 2022. After date July 24, you won't be able to cash out tJOY.


As the last testnet before mainnet, we'll be preparing it to be as close to the mainnet as possible, in order to ensure things run smoothly. Get ready!

Other Considerations

If you haven't already joined, we strongly recommend checking out our Discord group, where you can ask questions, learn how to participate on the testnet, receive our official updates and discuss the project with the rest of our community.


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