The Carthage network is the last testnet before mainnet launch.

We are Live!

At about 15:05 CET the Carthage blockchain was launched. This is the last network we launch before mainnet, scheduled for early December, and a tremendous amount of work has gone into this milestone. Initially we targeted late July, but alas, here we finally are. The main objectives of this network are

  1. Launch-ready blockchain scope.
  2. Real fees & parameters.
  3. Real mainnet genesis bootstrapping.

We are Frozen!

This release is a feature freeze before mainnet, so this means no further enhancements to the blockchain or any infrastructure or applications will be done, except in response to new problems identified during Carthage.

Genesis Block

The initial state of the system, defined by the genesis block, specifies a range of initial parameter values in the state, but most importantly it defines the balances of all accounts, their vesting schedules and the total supply. The breakdown of the genesis block we are launching with now can be found here.

More on this later in the post.

Parameters & Fees

Unlike prior networks, we will be using the same parameters and nominal fees as on mainnet. You can read more about how we iterated through multiple proposals through rich and complex discussions which finally landed us on the values we will be launching with. Importantly, these values are not particularly suitable for our testnet purposes, which is why we for long side-stepped transitioning to use these values.

Gradual Bootstrapping

Launching a new blockchain secured by a new PoS validator set, which comes to consensus using a time sensitive BFT protocol, is a vulnerable process which easily can end up with liveness failure as a result of networking or operational malfunctioning. For this reason, the network will launch through a sequence of four phases, each with increasing openness and risk. Should there be any problem at any stage, we will be in an excellent position to address the issue with minimal side-effects. Read the full plan here

As part of this bootstrapping, we will inject memberships for virtually all memberships currently on the Rhodes network, through the temporary Sudo operation, and those members with Founding Member status will be distinguished in this process through a special transaction type that only Sudo will be able to invoke.

Importantly, no other state, will be migrated over as part of this bootstrapping, so all channels, videos, NFTs, comments and likes, forum posts and threads, proposals, election, candidates, bounties and everything else will be reset. This will also be the case on mainnet.

Verify Your Accounts!

It is absolutely pivotal for everyone who believes they should have funds set aside in the genesis block to verify that

  1. they actually do in the correct set of accounts.
  2. the amount is correct.
  3. the vesting schedule is correct.

How you choose to do this will be a function of how you are managing your accounts and wallets, but for anyone willing to have all of their seeds loaded into their signer, then simply going to Pioneer and reviewing that they can make the appropriate transfers and vesting operations would be sufficient.

In addition, but not as a substitute, you can consult this breakdown of all accounts and corresponding balances in the genesis block, to make sure all your accounts are there.

As stated in the breakdown, be aware that

  • we are still inducting Founding Members, and there are members that have reached the threshold, but are in the verification process, meaning their tokens will not be seen in the genesis block.
  • although the balances should be in line with what can be observed on retool, some results have not been added, and members can continue to earn on Carthage.
  • tokens not yet allocated, or where the destination is missing, have been "airdropped" to accounts of the memberships migrated (unless said accounts already had an allocation) to allow more people a chance to participate and earn more.


If you still believe you have the incorrect amount of tokens, please contact

Earn Yield by Staking

It is very important that we have a healthy amount of stake backing the validator set in the chain, and this is something which has been much less relevant in prior networks where validation was much more of an afterthought. Not only is this useful to the system overall, but it can generate a very generous yield for everyone who has $JOY tokens locked up for a longer period of time. We already have a health community of validators who have expressed an interest in receiving nominations from our community at launch, and you can review them here. We also have extensive guides on how you practically do nominations here.

Run a Gateway

Gateways, which are basically apps powered by Joystream where the owner can be paid for the users and content that is onboarded. This is going to be a big opportunity for community builders and developers in the future, and it starts in Carthage. Atlas, which is the codebase for our consumer app, has become highly customisable without having to code, allowing you to change its branding and also vertical content focus. Moreover, there is now a dedicated on-chain working group specifically for initial gateway operators, so as to foster the initial set of trailblazers trying to learn how to do this.

Founding Member Program Continues

As alluded to, recall that the Founding Member program is still running, in that people are still earning $JOY and getting inducted, and this will continue all the way until very close to the launch date.

Atlas and Pioneer Releases

There has been a massive amount of work done on Atlas and Pioneer, check out the release notes here

So what do I do again?

  • Make sure you can access your funds.
  • Try to to nominate some validators to earn yield.
  • Start your own gateway or join the gateway working group.
  • Vote in the first council election.
  • Continue earning in the Founding Member program.


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