Here we go!

There actually isn't that much new to say, except we are going live on Wednesday the 7th of December.

Carthage network testing has gone off without any major, or even minor, issues. All technical facts described there apply now, with the exception of some minor tweaks to the genesis block. You can read the slim release plan here it's so thin precisely because everything has gone so well in Carthage.


All memberships that was migrated from Olympia/Rhodes to Carthage will also be created in the bootstrapping of mainnet.
Memberships that was created afterwards will not, but any member will of course be able to re-create their memberships on mainnet.

This means the cutoff is ID 4509.

Some of you may already have, or was planning to, update their accounts and/or metadata for mainnet. The snapshot will be taken on Friday the 2nd of December at 23:59 CET. Any changes made after this time will not be included in the migration.

Founding Members

The on-chain Founding Member can only be set by sudo, when calling the createMembership transaction. This means that getting inducted to the Founding Member program can only be done during the bootstrapping of Mainnet.

The genesis allocation needs to be set before that, as it's critical to have some time to verify that everything is correct.

This means that verification, induction and accounts submission have to be completed in advance as well. The final deadline is again Friday the 2nd of December at 23:59 CET.

If you find yourself matching any of these descriptions, please check the handbook ASAP to proceed. Time is running out!

  1. Is inducted in to the FM program, but want to change accounts.
  2. Have earned more than the required threshold, and find your Member ID here, but has not gotten verified and/or inducted.
  3. Have earned more than the required threshold, but can't your find your Member ID here, and have not gotten inducted.

Finally, if you have not earned more than the required threshold, but is within 20% and is currently earning on Carthage, you can reach out in advance to save time. Be aware that if you don't end up reaching the threshold, it will have been a "waste".


On Wednesday evening, a list of all accounts and allocations will be made available here.

This will be the last opportunity to update your allocation before mainnet, so be sure to verify (a) your accounts and amounts are correct, and (b) you still have your keys. You will have approximately 48h to make any changes.


In order to assist validators in participating, we have decided to do the following for all validators currently listed on the Meet Your Validators board.

  1. All controller accounts will be given a small amount of $JOY to fund transaction fees. These funds will be subject to the normal community vesting schedule of initial 8% unlock and 24 month vesting period for remainder.
  2. Jsgenesis will operate dedicated stash account for each validator, and we will bind the minimal amount of $JOY required for a validator to be able to stake. This will sufficient to clear the minimum staking threshold, so that they can compete for nominations and a slot.


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