After a long development development cycle, we are ready to move on to our latest release, codenamed Rome, which incorporates a variety of new features.

Release Outline

The main aspect of the release process for participants to be aware of is our intention to "kill" the Acropolis chain this Friday (13th March). The snapshot for Acropolis was taken at block number 4,718,300.

We will migrate all memberships and forum posts made before the snapshot from Acropolis over to Rome and each existing membership will be given a small starting balance. If everything goes according to plan, the new chain for Rome will be launched on Monday (16th March) at approximately midday. Validators and Storage Providers will receive a full weeks payment, but will not start with any privileges for Rome.

All Validators and Storage Providers will be booted and will need to get set up on the new chain once live. While the requirements for being a storage provider are unchanged, there will be some changes in the method for validating on the network. More information on how to validate on Rome will be available shortly.

More information on the release timeline is available in the GitHub issue here:

Rome: Live Milestones · Issue #103 · Joystream/joystream
Live Milestones The Rome Release Plan contains a set of Milestones, with a target date for each. Experience have shown that: we might not be able to follow these we may want to add or remove certai...

What's New In Rome?

Rome's main additions are the roles of Content Curator and Content Creator. We have also introduced the concept of channels, allowing one membership to create a selection of different channels on which to host content. Many other changes have been made to allow for easier navigation and to improve the user experience.

We will be releasing information on Rome's incentive structure on Friday. Guides and binaries will also be available before the launch on Monday. This will provide rewards for validation, council membership and content storage (as before) but will also introduce a compensation structure for content creation and curation.


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