Chain Reset

As stated in here, Rome is launched on a new chain. Memberships and the forum have been migrated, but apart from that, it's a fresh start. This means all Validators and Storage Providers that wants to continue in their roles must change their setup. Guides to get started can be found here.

New Roles

Rome offers one completely new role as Content Curators, and adds incentives for Content Creators.

Get Paid to Participate

As for previous testnets, Rome has it's own incentive scheme. Unlike previous testnets however, we are introducing a dynamic system where slots and rewards will be subject to a weekly review. For the next testnet, this will be controlled by the council, but for Rome, it will be decided by Jsgenesis. Learn more about the incentives here. The specifics of this are also available in our helpdesk repo.

Participants can earn Monero

The following roles qualify for rewards*:

  1. Validators will split $100 per week based on blocks found.
  2. Council Members will receive $10 to get elected, + bonus if called to vote.
  3. Storage Providers will split $120 per week based on uptime, + a larger bonus for content stored.
  4. Content Creators will complete for $250 per week to upload content.
  5. Content Curators will each share $180 per week plus performance bonuses.
  6. Builders and Bug Reporters can collect bounties for finding or fixing bugs.

*Note that the stated rewards applies to the first week only

Get Started

If you just want to have a look at the new testnet, go here. If you need any help getting started, we ask you to consult our helpdesk repo first. If you have further questions, post them as Issues there, or ask in our Telegram!

With a lot of changes since our last testnet, this applies just as much to old and new participants.


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