19 May 2024 - 26 May 2024

  • Start Block: 7,563,641
  • End Block: 7,664,441


  • Total supply: 1,061,475,588.752 JOY
  • JOY inflation (past 12 months): 4.755%
  • Circulating supply: 922,913,241 JOY

DAO Spending:

  • Start Issuance: 1,060,602,683.022 JOY
  • End Issuance: 1,061,475,588.752 JOY
  • Total minted (net): 872,905.73 JOY


  • Council rewards: 116,666.667 JOY
  • WG spent: 1,030,938.407 JOY
  • Funding proposals: 27,066 JOY
  • Creator payout: 0 JOY
  • Validator rewards: 302,724 JOY
  • Fees and token burn: (604,489.344) JOY



  • Total Videos, qty: 1,334,917
  • Weekly Videos Growth, qty: 7,502
  • Weekly Videos Growth, %: 0.57%
videos 26


Provided stats below are for non-empty channels only:

  • Total Channels, qty: 27,915
  • Weekly Channels Growth, qty: 110
  • Weekly Channels Growth, 0.4%
Channels 26

Media Storage

  • Total Storage Used: 97,740.56 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth: 825.041 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth, %: 0.85%
media 26

Video NFTs

  • Total NFT: 5,873
  • Weekly NFT Growth: 34
  • Weekly NFT Growth, %: 0.59%
  • Weekly NFT sold: 1
nft 26


  • Total Membership Accounts: 60,187
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth: 297
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth, %: 0.5%
membership 26

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Election Round 34

  • Stage: Announcing period (1 day 3 hours remaining)
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Rockstars of The Week


  • A dedicated founding member of the Joystream community.
  • Active contributor to the DAO since mainnet launch, especially in the council.
  • Facilitated the review and discussion of previous and current DAO Q1 and Q2 OKRs.

Notable Content Creators

Labyrinths of Knowledge

  • Focuses on meditation, sports, spiritual development, and channeling with entities from other worlds.
  • Provides videos offering answers to many life questions and guidance on changing one's fate or "life code."
  • Features content highlighting the special gifts of Anastasia, who helps people improve their lives and find their path.

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