26 May 2024 - 02 June 2024

  • Start Block: 7,664,442
  • End Block: 7,765,242


  • Total supply: 1,062,505,649.386 JOY
  • JOY inflation (past 12 months): 4.755%
  • Circulating supply: 924,138,570 JOY
  • Weekly Tokens Minted: 1,030,060.645 JOY

DAO Spending:

  • Start Issuance: 1,061,475,588.741 JOY
  • End Issuance: 1,062,505,649.386 JOY


  • Council rewards: 116,666.667 JOY
  • WG spent: 227,070.643 JOY
  • Funding proposals: 330,057.373 JOY
  • Creator payout: 0 JOY
  • Validator rewards: 301,229 JOY



  • Total Videos, qty: 1,343,069
  • Weekly Videos Growth, qty: 8,163
  • Weekly Videos Growth, %: 0.62%
2nd Video


Provided stats below are for non-empty channels only:

  • Total Channels, qty: 28,151
  • Weekly Channels Growth, qty: 234
  • Weekly Channels Growth, 0.84%
2nd channels

Media Storage

  • Total Storage Used: 98,608.502 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth: 869.537 GB
  • Weekly Storage Used Growth, %: 0.88%
2nd media

Video NFTs

  • Total NFT: 5,913
  • Weekly NFT Growth: 40
  • Weekly NFT Growth, %: 0.69%
  • Weekly NFT sold: 5
2nd nfts


  • Total Membership Accounts: 60,795
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth: 608
  • Weekly Membership Accounts Growth, %: 1.02%
2nd member

YouTube Partner Program

Build a foundation for your Gleev channel with syncing YouTube content and tap into the future of content monetization.

Last week, referral rewards were doubled, and now users can earn up to $100 per referred channel.

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Product Releases

Pioneer 3.6.0 was just released:


  • Notification support for proposal discussions.


  • Copy fixes.

Short-Term Roadmap

Upcoming Events

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Hot Topics

Open Positions

Council Election

Election Round 34

  • Stage: Revealing period (2 days 4 hours remaining)
  • Candidates: 6

List of Candidates winning:

  1. leet_joy
  2. tomato
  3. Hanzo Hazashi
  4. Vikan
  5. 0x2bc
  6. Codefikeyz
  • Total candidate stakes locked: ~1.0M $JOY (~$11.96K USD)
  • Total votes: 139 votes / 86.66M $JOY (~$1.03M USD)
  • Revealed votes: 31 vote / 33.37M $JOY (~$397.6K USD)
  • Unrevealed votes: 108 votes / ~53.29M $JOY (~$634.96K USD)
  • Revealed / unrevealed: 38.51% /61.49%
  • Largest single vote: 13m $JOY (~$154.8K USD)
  • Elected individual council salary: 155.56k $JOY (~$1.83K USD)




Rockstars of The Week

A huge shout-out to all the creators who participated as panelists in the recent creators roundtable! Your unique insights on the newly launched creator token feature on GLEEV, the latest Creators Reward 2.0, UI and UX improvements, upcoming developments, and desired features were invaluable.

  • Brandon (B$)
  • Crypto Bullseye
  • CryptoGrit
  • VVK Studios
  • Zibah

Notable Content Creators


  • Channel delves into intriguing mysteries and theories from popular shows like “The Simpsons,” SpongeBob SquarePants, and Adventure Time
  • Channel also covers video game mysteries, such as the enigmatic “CROW 64” and the true identity of the player.
  • Content connects seemingly unrelated universes, revealing surprising links between movies like “Titanic” and “Terminator.”

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