After the Council successfully voted through the runtime upgrade, Acropolis is live!

Runtime Upgrade to Acropolis

As described in this post, the Substrate SDK allows us to upgrade the consensus rules without a hardfork. That means we can do in-flight upgrades like these, without the need for Validators or other full nodes to do anything to stay in consensus.

The runtime proposal upgrade reached quorum (8/12) ahead of time, and the upgrade took happened on block #1010101 went the voting period expired.

Get Paid to Participate

In a previous post, we explained the philosophy of why we are paying users to contribute on our testnet.

In our last post, we outlined the incentive structure for Acropolis. The specifics of this is also available in our new helpdesk repo.

Participants can earn Monero

The following roles qualify for rewards:

  1. Validators will split $50 per week based on blocks found.
  2. Council Members will receive $10 to get elected, + bonus if called to vote.
  3. Storage Providers will split $300 per week based on uptime, + bonus for content stored.
  4. Builders and Bug Reporters can collect bounties for finding or fixing bugs.

Get Started

If you just want to have a look at the new testnet, go here. If you need any help getting started, we ask you to consult our helpdesk repo first. If you have further questions, post them as Issues there, or ask in our telegram and!

With a lot of changes since our last testnet, this applies just as much to old and new participants.

On-chain Forum

This is the first step in providing users, platform role participants, council members and future stakeholders a way to communicate and coordinate. Hopefully, this method of interaction will further help develop a strong community around Joystream. Note that you have to be a Member to post, and only the forum moderator (forum sudo) can create categories.

Storage Providers

Note that all current Storage Providers will get booted once the new network is live. This is because new software is required.


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