Athens will introduce the first version of a content distribution system on the platform. In addition to the old paid roles, the new Storage Provider role is getting activated.

Like on Sparta, participants on Athens can earn Monero

New Features

In general, we are aiming at releasing a new testnet ~8 weeks. The size and scope of each release will vary, with some focusing more on end users, and others more on building and optimizing the platform infrastructure.

In most cases, we will aim at voting through runtime upgrades, instead of hardforks and/or chain resets. Due to the bug that took down Sparta, Athens will require upgrading the full node software, and start from a new genesis block.

User Content

In terms of core platform functionality, building a content distribution system is an important milestone. As a "User governed video platform", we have now already built (a basic) version of the on-chain governance and the storage and distribution system.

If you have read our whitepaper, you will realize that of all the different roles we foresee will form the mainnet content distribution system, only Storage Provider is activated for now. As development progresses, future testnets will introduce more and more of these roles.


The other feature change visible to the end user is the introduction of platform Membership. The concept of memberships might sound strange for a blockchain, so it should be made clear that a Membership is not required to transact funds. It will however be required for most interaction with the platform, such as watching videos, voting and most roles.


We are currently targeting release on the 10th of April. Before that time, we will at least have published the following information:

  • Changes to the incentive structure for Athens (total payouts going up!)
  • How to become a Storage Provider on the platform
  • How to get a Membership to the platform.
  • Updated guides on how to become a Validator
  • Any additional information guides required to use the UI.


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