After a "Soft" release this Monday, we are officially launching the Athens testnet! You can consume and upload content, and get paid in Monero to take on a variety of roles.

Get Paid to Participate

In a previous post, we explained the philosophy of why we are paying users to contribute on our testnet.

In our last post, we outlined the incentive structure for Athens. The specifics of this is also available in our new helpdesk repo.

Participants can earn Monero

The following roles qualifies for rewards:

  1. Validators
  2. Council Members
  3. Storage Providers (new)
  4. Builders and Bug Reporters

Get Started

If you just want to have a look at the new testnet, go here. If you need any help getting started, we ask you to consult our helpdesk repo first. If you have further questions, post them as Issues there, or ask in our telegram and!

With a lot of changes since our last testnet, this applies just as much to old and new participants.

New Features

The two main new features of Athens compared to our previous testnet, Sparta, is the introduction of platform Memberships , and media content. The latter also unlocks the new role of Storage Providers.


Obtaining a Membership unlocks certain features, such as taking part of the platform governance system. So if you want to be Council Member, vote in the election, or create proposals, you have to become a member first. It is a requirement for the Storage Provider role, and for uploading content to the platform.


As a user governed video platform, introducing content was an important step to us. There are currently no requirements to download content, or consume it in the browser, but as stated above, uploads requires a Membership.

Below you will find a short description of the paid roles for Athens, and links to the incentives and instructions for taking on the role.


Compete for $30 per week

The validator role is the block producer in our proof of stake blockchain. It is a little more complex to set up this time around, as you need three different keys in the process. Chances are you will not succeed unless you follow the steps here.

If you still want to try yourself, the main pitfall is that the session key (the one you give your node to sign blocks) must be an Edwards key, not Schnorrkel.

You can find the incentive structure here.

Council Members

Earn $8 per election cycle

The Council Member are at the core of the platform governance. Elected by the users/stakeholders, they are the ones voting for proposals on platform improvements. A guide through the election cycle can be found here.

The only difference as compared to Sparta, is that we now require both applicants and voters to be Members of the platform.

You can find the incentive structure here.

Storage Providers

Compete for $75 per week, plus bonus

The job of new Storage Providers role is to receive and distribute content to consumers in a P2P fashion. The role is a little challenging to setup and maintain, so the guides and support will not be as verbose as for the other roles. You can signup for the role already, but syncing between the Storage Providers have proved more challenging than we anticipated. If you do signup, but fail to take the necessary steps to perform the role when all is working, you will get booted.

You can find the incentive structure here.

Builders and Bug Reporters

Earn up to $20 for Issues, and $100 for PRs

As with all software, and especially the early versions, there will be plenty of bugs, enhancements and missing features. Both to improve as we go, and to "train" a group of testers and developers for an autonomous platform, we want outsiders to contribute already. You can learn more about the process here.

You can find the incentive structure here.


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