What is Sumer?

Sumer is a release seeking to improve the function and operation of our testnet in a number of different ways. Some of these improvements will be below the surface while others will result in some clearly visible changes for testnet participants.

Briefly summarized, Sumer's main goals are:

  • Enable content publishing from playback interface: Sumer introduces the ability to create and manage channels and videos in the Joystream Player, replacing the cumbersome and technically challenging CLI-dependent process required on the Antioch testnet.
  • Deploying the new content directory: As part of Sumer we will be introducing a simple native runtime module. This is because technical complexities and tradeoffs associated with the previous iterations of the content directory were not acceptable.
  • Enable builder/platform operations role: We are introducing a new working group focused on platform operations. Originally, we had also planned to enable the new "Gateway" role, though this is no longer in the scope of the Sumer release.

For the moment, we have no intention to launch Sumer on a new chain, so there will consequently be no need to migrate data or balances.

However, participants should be aware that our current intention is not to migrate most of the videos on the current, since these will not be supported by the new content directory. If you have any videos which you would like to upload onto the next testnet, make sure to save a copy for when Sumer launches.

If you might be interested in the new builder/operations working group, please keep an eye on our helpdesk repo in advance of the launch so you can find out how to apply for and participate in this new role.


Based on work still outstanding for the release of Sumer, we hope to launch the new testnet in approximately three weeks, though this date is subject to change!

Also, if you haven't already joined, we recommend checking out our Discord group, where you can ask questions and discuss the project with the rest of our community.


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